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GDW G95 Tail Servo

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G95规格书 General Specs
Operation Voltage Range 电压范围 4.8V up to 8.4 V
Operation Temperature Range 适应温度 -20C°up to +60C°
Working frequency 工作频率 760us/333Hz
测试参数 Bench tests reported values
电压 Test Voltage 6.0V 7.4V 8.4V
速度 Speed 0.08sec/60° 0.07sec/60° 0.06sec/60°
扭力 Torque
Fast continuous operating current
800mA 1000mA 1200mA
堵转电流 Stall current 4600mA 5500mA 6000mA
死区 Dead Band Width
一般数据 General Data
电机型号 Motor Type 无刷电机 Brushless motor 17*18mm
电位器类型 Potentiometer Type 日本noble 220° Japan noble 220°
芯片类型 Chip type 数字 Digital
重量 Weight 77±1g
齿轮组材质 Gear Material 钢 steel
输出齿数 Horn Gear Spline 25T φ5.9mm
线长 Wire length 330 ±5mm
线径 Wire Diameter 0.3mm²
线芯数量 Number of wire cores 60

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