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YS Engine - YS60SR

YS Engine - YS60SR

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YS60- YS60 Helicopter Motor

The YS60SR is the latest engine for the .50 size helicopter. The increased displacement of the YS60SR provides more power which will make the performance more like a .90 size machine.

The YS 60SR Heli Engine features the patented YS regulated fuel system for positive fuel flow during all types of flight conditions. The pressurized fuel system makes throttle response superior and is unaffected by tank level. YS 60 SR with the new stroke design and new carburetor design, will brings you even higher performance to flying in 50 class helicopter than ever before.



  • New Stroke design for superior opeartion
  • New Carburetor design for easier adjustments
  • Factory preset fuel regulator system for a consistent and reliable operation
  • Same mounting dimensions as 56SR 50ST
  • Three needle valve system for easier adjustment and fine tuning
  • Balanced crankshaft for smoother running



  • YS60 SR Engine
  • Check Valve
  • Needle Valve
  • English Instruction Manual



Displacement: 9.95cc
Bore: 24.00 mm
Stroke: 22.00 mm
Weight: 398g 
Pratical rpm: 1800 ~ 18000

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